Through the use of the latest, ultra-compact, monitoring and anesthesia equipment, I can safely and affordably provide dental patients with either inhaled (sevoflurane) or intravenous sedation. I am Stanford and UCSF trained, ACLS certified, and have ten years of private practice experience and a current California Dental Board "General Anesthesia Permit."

I am more affordable than the competition and save you the time and expense of having to use a hospital. I also take care of all the insurance billing for the use of my services, from preparing to submitting the bills.

You owe it to your patients to provide them with the best treatment and options available when they need dental care. I can safely and affordably provide either dental general anesthesia or intravenous sedation for your patients and turn your treatment room into a fully equipped surgery center.

There was a time when anesthesia was only administered in hospitals, but with today's ultra-compact anesthesia equipment, I create a convenient and safe surgery center setting for dental sedation. Your child can avoid the inconvenience and expense of a hospital visit while still experiencing minimal or no awareness of the dental procedure.
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